Petroleum Products

Kocari Resources distribution company provide the supply chain by securing the petroleum products to customers from national or international refineries.
We are engaged in commercial activities primarily across oil trading, and other commodities.
Our success is anchored on the skill, market intelligence and worldwide resource we deploy to add values to our customers, stakeholder’s and to optimize the value chain.
Kocari Resources is able to supply petroleum products, petrochemicals and minerals from Russia to all over the world.
Our company cooperates with the largest suppliers and real manufacturers in various industries.

We Trade in products under the following categories.

LNG & LPG (Liquefied Natural Gas -Liquefied Petroleum Gas )
AVGAS 100 LL  (Aviation gasoline used to power piston-engine aircraft)
DIESEL-EN 590  (10 PPM – 50 PPM- 500 PPM)
ESPO (Standard Specification of Eastern Siberian Pacific Pipeline Oil)

Russia Oil and gas commodities

• Any type of Paraffin and Solvents from “POLYEX”
• Petrochemical products such as Caustic Soda, Hydrochloric Acid, Methanol, DEG, MEG from “METAFRAX”
• Different grades of polymers such as PP, PE, PVC from “EKOPET”
• Granular Sulphur From “LUKOIL”
• Urea 46% Periled & Granular from “URAL CHEM”
• Nickel from “NORILSK NICKEL”
• Iron (Bars and rods) from “SEVERSTAL”
• Cement 42.5 R&S “EUROCEMENT GROUP”
• Copper Millberry / Cathode / Ingots /Scrap from “URALELEKTROMED”
• R50 – R65 Railway Scrap
• Zinc Ingots from “UMMC”
• Aluminium ingots 99.7% from “RUSAL”
• Steel Bars From “MECHEL”
• Coal From “SUEK”
Anode grade petroleum coke from “ANGARSK
Iron Ore from “UKRAINE
Petroleum coke from “VENEZUELA
• Our sources of coal include the following origins: “SOUTH AFRICA” – “INDONESIA” – “RUSSIA”