Sultan Rock Turkey’s Magical Gemstone

Turkey’s Unique Gems Sultan Rock is one of the most important underground mines. The important stone, which is formed over time in different rocks and spaces, is also one of the powerful stones that contain magnetic energy. Sultan rock, which reveals its energy through different densities, is evaluated in many different fields, especially jewellery.

Sultan rock is a wondrous act of Mother Nature. Unlike other varieties of Diaspore, which is often opaquer, Sultan rock was immediately observed to have excellent clarity and, under different lighting conditions, change colour.

Sultan Rock is one of the most precious stones based on aluminium. In addition, its ability to change the colours reflected on it allows the stone to become more valuable and privileged. It is a semi-transparent stone. In addition to being a durable stone, it has a hardness of 6.5-7.
Sultan’s rock is a rare diaspore unique to the Turkish geography used in jewellery.
Sultan rock, which takes its name from the Ottoman sultans, takes on yellow, green, or violet tones according to the light of the environment.
Which has been used extensively in mining and jewellery since the 19th century, has been taken out of Muğla – Milas in Turkey, and has become a registered trademark named Sultanrock®.
Understanding the real sultan rock is only possible by observing the crystalline particles on the inner surface with the help of a magnifying glass. What a perfect way for even more people to appreciate Turkey’s unique gem.
The only difference is that Sultan rock is a trading name while diaspore is a gemological name. Sultanrock®.

Sultanrock® is a Trademark owned by